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  • Title: Buwama (Breathe)

    Year: 2022

    Medium: Acyrlic on Canvas

    Dimensions: 100 x 80cm

    Framed: Yes


    Description: This artwork has no story in its creation and most symbols hold no intended meaning, however the overall artworks has a very important message: to breathe. Much like when I created this artwork, life can feel busy, overwhelming, confronting, hard and challenging. So, when you look at this design, take a moment to draw in its energy and breathe (Buwama), ground yourself and know that know matter how busy life can be, things pass. So enjoy what beauty life has to offer you and live it to its fullest.


    ALL CANVAS DESIGNS COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and is an original piece (no other copies of this artwork will be sold in this design)

    *Please note some colours may vary slightly from photographed images.

    ORIGINAL - "Buwama (Breath)" 100 x 80cm

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