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  • Title: Earth Dreaming (2022)

    Description: This artwork represents Mother Earth and her Dreaming. Lines form mountains, sandhills and valleys, and below the current (ocean) is reflected with dots and coastal patterns. Above the hills, Earth's Dreaming can be seen (circle shapes). The wavy lines between these indicate that her Dreaming is alive, living, breathing and thriving each day - just like us. We must protect her.


    - 160gsm poster paper (frame not included).



    - Vibrant colour and detailing (zero fade guarantee) 440gsm canvas

    - Ready to hang (stretched onto wooden frame with hanging wire)

    - Oak floating frame INCLUDED FREE

    All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity, the story behind the artwork signed by artist M. J. Badagarang.

    Please note: Canvas Prints are made to order. Please allow 4-6weeks for delivery.


    Earth Dreaming

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