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  • Title: Our Island Home

    Year: 2023

    Medium: Acyrlic on Canvas

    Dimensions: 150 x 50cm

    Framed: Yes


    Description: This artwork represents home and everything that falls within the idea of home. The beautiful blues and light tan colours represent the beaches of Australia. The 'U' shapes are a family sitting together on their Country (their home). Around them, rivers, mountains, animal tracks, trees, plants and valleys can be seen. The white circular images (top right) represent L.O.R.E and Dreaming that guides us throughout our journey of life. Walk on Country with care for it belongs to us all to protect and enjoy.


    ALL CANVAS DESIGNS COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and is an original piece (no other copies of this artwork will be sold in this design)

    *Please note some colours may vary slightly from photographed images.

    ORIGINAL - “Our Island Home” 150 x 50cm

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