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  • Title: Land and Spirit

    Year: 2023

    Medium: Acyrlic on Canvas

    Dimensions: 140 x 75cm

    Framed: No (rolled artwork)


    Description: This artwork represents the land (tan, browns). Meeting places can be seen as large circles, some with people “U” shapes sitting around them, learning together: a family. Track-marks link these families together as a big community. The smaller circles with lines connecting them are travel symbols. Spirit and Dreaming is reflected in blues, and weaves throughout the artwork representing Dreaming as a living thing that connects to all.


    ALL CANVAS DESIGNS COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and is an original piece (no other copies of this artwork will be sold in this design)

    *Please note some colours may vary slightly from photographed images.

    ORIGINAL - Land and Spirit 140 x 75cm

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