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  • Dress up your furry friends in this highly detailed Aboriginal-designed harness by M. J. Badagarang! Features Badagarang Design label, easy adjustable strapping, double clasping, lead ring and elegant stitching. 


    Description: This artwork represents our furry friends and the journeys they experience in their life. Each paw reflects the pet while the 'U' shapes are the owners, walking together. The large circles represent the places in which you go together, while the lines linking between are the pathways.



    Large: 55 - 78cm

    X-Large: 70 - 90cm


    Recommended for medium-large breeds. Excellent for those pooches that get too excited and pull on a lead, this tringle harness is designed to pull their shoulders back and encourage a calmer walk.

    Pet Triangle Harness - Blue

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