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Badagarang was established in 2021 in Newcastle, NSW by Mikaela Cameron - a proud Dharug woman. Mikaela (Artist: M. J. Badagarang) has a strong passion for culture, creative arts and education. Using her knowledges and art, she's dedicated to Closing to Gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.


Recent evidence of middens in Victoria has now placed Aboriginal People here on Australian soil for over 120,000 years, making this beautiful culture the oldest living culture in the world.

Badagarang provides corporate workshops that are tailed to individual companies and offer custom artworks to visually represent your business.


Completing her degree in Educational Studies in 2023 at Deakin University, Mikaela (Artist: M. J. Badagarang) links all workshops to the Australian Curriculum and has 4 years of experience delivering cultural workshops to various schools and organisations.

“Warami, I am a proud Dharug Woman. My totem is Badagarang (Eastern Grey Kangaroo). I pay respects to Country: the land, sea, elders, people, animals, L.O.R.E and Dreaming. I extend this acknowledgement to you and your family/community.

I deeply enjoy connecting with people and sharing my culture with others. It’s my absolute dream to run cultural workshops and create visual artworks to express individual stories.

Welcome, let's walk together.”

-Mikaela J. Badagarang


What Customers Say about our Products

"Amazing quality, I'm over the moon with the products I received. And super fast shipping! Thanks Badagarang team!"
"Extremely happy with the quality. Recommend this store. Love that it's 100% Aboriginal owned."
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