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Custom Artworks

Elevate your space with the timeless allure of custom artworks by the renowned artist M. J. Badagarang, recommended for individuals, schools and businesses alike. Each piece is crafted to transcend the ordinary, infusing spaces with an air of creative flow. For individuals, schools and organisations seeking to reinvent their journey, these custom creations serve as extensions of identity, capturing unique stories, ideas and emotions.

With the ability to deeply personalise every custom artwork and work closely with M. J. Badagarang, your artwork is sure to leave an impacting impression. Whether you're an individual yearning for meaningful decor, an educational institute seeking inspiration, or a business aiming to elevate its aesthetic, Badagarang's custom artworks offer a transformative experience that unites artistry, identity, and ambience in perfect harmony.

"Mikaela made a wonderful artwork that really expressed my idea of family. She ACED my colour schemes for my house and represented everything so well. Couldn't be happier with the artwork produced. Thanks so much, Mikaela!"

- Individual Artwork -

Kathryn (NSW)

"Highly recommend the cultural programs and custom mural designs for any school wishing to culturally immerse their students in Aboriginal Art. Mikaela had a beautiful way of teaching our kids and the mural is such an honour to have been apart of creating."

- School Artwork/Mural -

P. Hawthorne  (NSW)

"Working with Mikaela to create our business artwork was an absolute pleasure and a truly remarkable experience. Her artistic prowess and keen sight into our business have resulted in a masterpiece that exceeded all expectations."

- Business Artwork -

Markus (NSW)

Commission Artworks

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If you have a mood board, logo, image or artwork of mine you'd like to add, this always helps the Artist get an understanding of style. Please attach all documents in ONE file and upload it below.

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